Why Going to Buy YouTube Views is Critical for PC Maintenance Businesses

youtubeThere are many different issues that particular people may have with their computers. These include issues where people are struggling with getting their computers maintained in some way. These include cases where a computer is not running as quickly as possible or when a computer is being hurt by damages from something like a virus.

The threats that can get in the way of a computer can include many issues but PC maintenance businesses can help teach people how to manage their issues or highlight their services for repairing computers. In fact, many of these businesses can use YouTube to promote themselves. If you have such a business then maybe you’ve seen by now that YouTube can help you to highlight your ideas and beliefs to others.

However, YouTube is a very crowded space that has loads of videos that are all about that one particular topic in general. These videos can be divided up into several different subsections that are relative to different topics relating to the specifics of managing a computer. There are many videos that can take twenty or more minutes of time to talk about fixing various issues on a computer. YouTube offers information on managing all sorts of points that are relative to taking care of different issues on computers.

A business that uses YouTube views to its advantage can take advantage of what it has to offer. YouTube views can especially be bought for any kind of video that you want to make and highlight to others.

The Field is Crowded

The greatest concern that comes with YouTube is that it is very easy to find loads of videos on PC repair processes. There are more than 400,000 videos about PC repair and maintenance on YouTube and the most notable ones on the search engine will have received around 200,000 views. These videos are clearly going to show up more often because of how trustworthy they may be to some people who need assistance with seeing how to work with different procedures.

When people buy YouTube views through the quality services that may be offered on a site like http://www.viewsaccelerator.com then they will be able to get more of their videos to be a little more visible. People can assign thousands of views to a video in order to make it easier for those people to get their videos to be visible. This could work well for videos where you are trying to promote your repair business or if you want to talk about working with a particular type of computer or operating system.

It Works for Specific Videos

You can particularly use this part of YouTube to promote videos that are about very specific parts of PC maintenance and repair. These include videos that cover topics like installing RAM in your computer or fixing issues that might have come up on your computer as a result of a virus.

Every videos about specific topics can crowd a place like YouTube. Using a service to buy videos that relate to working with different problems that you might have in your computer will certainly work to your overall advantage if you understand what you want to do with those videos.

You will have to take a good look at the use of YouTube views when it comes to marketing yourself. If you buy YouTube views for your maintenance, repair and promotional videos then you could have an easier time with getting more people to see what you have to offer. It will also be much easier for you to help others with figuring out what they need to do in order to fix their general computer issues.


The SSD being the recently used technology in most of the computer companies has its shortages and needs utmost care. This is to make sure that the performance of the SSD is to its maximum. The SSD is delicate and at the same time it is expensive. The Solid states are the exact opposite of the HDD in both handling and performance. The HDD use mechanical components that can be touched unlike the SSD.

Our company sells and repairs computer devices, most importantly we also offer tips on how to go along with the devices in maintenance. We don’t want to beat up and fight the competition on how they’re coming up with providing more and more speed to your computers. If you are those wild people who are constantly exploring what your device contains by opening them up, it will be very important for you to go through these few tips that I am offering you in order to save money.

  • When we delete files, most of the file are send to the recycle been whereby they can be recovered. We should make sure that you overwrite the files so that you can have more available space. It is important to know that in SSD, files once deleted are not recoverable. This is usually in the devices that support TRIM where the OS informs the SSD that the file was deleted with a TRIM command where it is immediately erased. This means that you should not delete files anyhow if you know that you might want to recover them sometime later on.
  • You should always make sure that the SSD has a lot of space. This means that you should not fill up the SSD for this will reduce its performance and speed. When you try to save or write a file in a little memory disk, the SSD will try to look for the partially filled blocks so that it could fill up the cache and then incorporate the new date into one file. I would recommend you to use up 75% of the SSD so as to maintain a good balance between performance and speed.
  • You should minimize overwriting constantly on the device. I would personally recommend that you have an external hard drive that you can write your files there. This will help in increasing and maintaining the speed of your computer for a long time. This will also increase the SSD’s life. You can also try to avoid applications that are constantly writing on your SSD for this makes the drive performance to slow down. If you don’t have an external hard drive for the applications to write their files there, you will be forced to constantly deleting the written files on the SSD.
  • Storing of infrequently accessed files on your file still slows down your SSD performance. Reduction of the amount of files stored on your SSD will lead to less power consumption and the performance of the device will be maintained at a constant speed. You should not store media files in the SSD for these are files that you will need them but not a daily routine. The ideal files to keep on your SSD will include programs, operating system files and even games for they are constantly being accessed at any time.
  • You should not at any time try to defrag solid state drives for the have a limited number writes. This is because when defragging, files are move from one place to another severally of which it will end the life of the SSD. The SSD is made in a way that it will not require defragmentation for the files are moved around evenly thus reducing the wear effect.

I hope that we have been helpful and you should be free to check out other tips from our website so as to be on the safe side.


We are in a world that is more of network configurations whereby people are using Wi-Fi to sync there phone and computers to each other and any other device that supports a Wi-Fi network. This has made it easy to use internet through multiple phones and computers through a single connection.

My favorite thing about synchronizing your phone and computer is the availability to use your phones network on your computer through a process called tethering. Tethering is possible through using a USB capable but it is best to use WI-FI connectivity in case you want multiple connections. Unlike a BYOD policy at most companies, tethering can give you total freedom to work how and where you wish while maintaining security. I am going to guide you through the various router connections available and the recommended settings.

Recommended settings for WI-FI routers

The following are the Wi-Fi router settings that are recommended for all Macs and ios devices. These settings are setup in a way that they ensure maximum performance, reliability and security when using the Wi-Fi. The router can be configured in a way that a third party can be able to access the Wi-Fi access points. The following are some of the things that you have to put in mind whenever you want to adjust your settings;

  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi routers firmware are up to date
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi devices you intent to use configure and support the settings
  • It is necessary to back up your current Wi-Fi routers
  • It will be better if you switch off Or remove any device that connects to your Wi-Fi for they will try and connect automatically.

Settings recommended

Service set identifier SSID – you should set to any unique name that you like. I usually set it up with my nickname. If the name is not unique, your devices may find it hard to identify. Luckily some devices are already set up with a unique but it’s usually important to change to your own name.

Hidden Network – set it up to disabled. This is because hidden networks do not broadcast their SSID over Wi-Fi. The hidden network is sometimes referred to as a closed network.

Mac Address Authentication or filtering – you should also set it to disabled. This will restrict the access to a Wi-Fi router unless it has a specific Media access Control address (MAC address). If you enable the MAC address, it will mean that only devices with the MAC address will be able to configure to the router. The MAC can be changed easily and allow the authorization.

Security – you should set the security to WPA 2 Personal (AES).  This security set up will control the type of authentication and encryption used by your Wi-Fi router. This will also allow you to control the amount of data that you send over the air. The WPA is currently the best secured form of security provided by Wi-Fi products. In my opinion, I would recommend that you use this type of security and that you ensure to use a strong password that cannot be easily guessed. Sometimes it is good to use the WPA/MPA2 network for it will help in devices being able to encrypt to the network available.

2.4GHz Radio Mode – you should set the wave to 802.11b/g/h.  This setting will control any versions available on the standard network that uses wireless communication over the 2.4 GHz band. The newer versions will perform faster in the exchange rate of data and they will also have an additional range in which it will broadcast.

Channel – you should set it to auto. This will control on which communication that the router will use. You will also be able to select a channel manually.

2.4GHz Width – set this to 20 MHz this will control the amount of data that will be transferred in the pipe.

DHCP – Set this to one DHCP server per network. This Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns the addresses that identify the devices on your network.

NAT – set it to only one for there is only one device that should provide NAT services in your network.

We are glad to be of help to you in any computer related problem or action that you need help with.


It is absolutely necessary to take care of the computer in all ways possible. We are in a generation where we find computers to be part of our daily lives. Many of us are using computers for business purposes while others like my friend Chard is strictly pleasure and fun. This computer will require maintenance and some repairs despite the purpose that you use it for. In my opinion, the computer is always vulnerable to various damages and attacks that are always unpredictable.

In order to reduce some of these damages, I came up with some useful tips that would conquer the damages. The first tip that I would like to talk about is, How to free your computer’s memory?

In decades we have seen computers slowdown in their speed due to the memory capacity of the hard discs. It is always necessary to ensure that the computer has enough disc space for it to perform its tasks smoothly. I know that we are all asking ourselves on how we can maintain the computer’s memory. Below are some of the methods that we can use to free disc space;

  • You should uninstall any unnecessary programs – Programs are usually big in size and they would utilize plenty of the disc space that is necessary. This would cause overlapping and slowing of the performance of the computer. In case you have installed an unnecessary program, I would advise you to remove it immediately. By removing it, I don’t mean deleting it from the computer but simply uninstalling the program. You can carry out this task by clicking the start button; go to control panel; add or remove programs, Go through the programs and uninstall all that you not using.
  • It is necessary to keep your work files in one folder – we are always frequently creating new files in the computer and this may lead to having duplicate files or some crushed files that are not updated. In order to avoid duplicate files, keep all files together and delete the files that are duplicated. This will create free space for a new file. I think you can also update an existing file instead of creating a new one if it is a similar file.
  • Defragmentation of the hard drive – this has been one of my best method that I use to maintain my hard disc space at per. The computer carries out various tasks simultaneously, these tasks can be deleting, saving, copying a file or any other task assigned to it. The hard drive will not necessarily save files in a particular order but instead it can scatter the data all around. This will cause uneasy access of the files and thus the files might remain there for a long time without being noticed. In order to avoid this damage of files, I usually defragment my hard drive. This can be by the use of defragmentation software like CCleaner. The software will clean up all the data that is misplaced and that is unnecessary in the hard drive thus freeing space for other files. If you don’t have the funds to buy the software, you can use the disk cleanup that is available in any Microsoft computer. Make sure that you clean up your disk on a regular basis; it can be weekly, biweekly or simply monthly.

These are some of the tips that you should always put into consideration. I can recall a case scenario that we had last week whereby a customer brought 10 computers to us claiming that the hard disks are full yet the folders are showing to be empty. He had tried to delete the folders but in vain. I took my humble time and installed the ccleaner in and carried out the defragmentation and after a few minutes of scanning, all the unnecessary files where no more. I f you require any assistance with your computer maintenance, repair and security please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Our minds are usually set to worry about the important things in life and sometimes we also worry about the slightest problems. Since computers have become part of our lives, we are constantly worrying about if you will need to defrag your hard drive, if you need to install and update your antivirus. You will worry about the efficiency of the softwares that you using. You should try to worry less for things like your MAC have in built maintenance routines that run periodically to increase the speed and efficiency of your MAC.

In the early days, I used to defrag my computer but this was not so useful to me for it would take a lot of time trying to defrag a simple disk. Most of the times I would interrupt the process of defragging with intentions to use the computer of which the defragmentation would force me to restart it again. This would really disappoint me a lot and I wouldn’t have any other option. To some point, I would ask myself if there was always need to defrag the hard disk. I came up with some tips of which I will share with you.

  • Constantly backing up your files would help in creation of space in the computer thus there will be no need of defragging your computer.
  • I came across a certain app called the iDefrag which defrags your hard disks while letting you to continue using the computer. This App has helped me to view some files that had been hidden and it has sorted other files thus making my computer to perform faster.
  • I got tired of my computer and decided to take the latest versions of MAC in the market, surprisingly they have inbuilt defragging Apps that automatically defrags your MAC periodically.
  • You can so be to defrag your computer by simply changing your OS whereby only the backed up data will be able to be available. This will make your computer be faster for you will lose any unnecessary work holding your memory space.
  • You can speed up your computer without defragging by removing any unnecessary programs that you aren’t using.

The solid state drives (SSD) are getting more and more attention nowadays in the computer market. This is due to their exceptional performance that they are carrying out in the computers. Most companies have switched to SSD whereby they are making laptops installed with SSD. The SSD storage is makes the computer faster for it doesn’t have the mechanical parts that usually heat up your computer while performing tasks. The SSD use flash memory instead of spinning platters. The SSD has several advantages over the HDD which include;

  • The SSD are faster than the HDD. The fastest SSD nowadays are SATA 6.0GB/sec. If you really need a component that is more reliable, I will recommend you to switch to the SSD.
  • The SSD are more reliable than the HDD.
  • The SSD cause less noise, heat and vibration. This is due to the unavailability of the mechanical parts.
  • There will be no need to run disk defrag unlike the HDD.
  • There will also be increased battery life.

The SSD is more costly than the HDD thus you will have to dig up deep into your pocket in order to get these clean services and performance. Thus this becomes a major disadvantage but it is worth the prices.

There are also some important things that you should note with the SSD. There are several ways that you can do to increase the speed of SSD performance. This is by;

  • Make sure that you are using the latest firmware
  • Do not use NTFS compression for frequently used folders
  • You should not disable anything during clean installation as Windows will configure everything better than you

Lastly, make sure that you enable the Advanced Host Controller Interface in the system Bios.

Tips on computer repairs

It has been in recent years that whenever your computer shows up a simple problem, we would take it to a computer technician to repair it. In most of these cases, the problems are usually minor and we end up paying for some services that we could have done it ourselves. Our company is trying to minimize some of these cases and with a little follow up on the various tips that I am going to offer, you will be able to save some dollars. The following are tips on the various computer problems that occur and how to manage them.

  1. Powering up of the computer – This is one of the minor problems that occur in day to day activities. This can either be;
  • The computer is not powering up at all
  • The computer is showing power but does nothing at all
  • The computer can be powering but does not boot the system

Computer Repair Solutions

In case the computer is opt powering at all, it can be due to some battery defect in laptops or in case of desktop pc it would be because of an unplugged cable. For the laptop, if it shows this kind of problem, simply connect it directly to the power supply and press the power on button. If it powers on, you will know that your battery life is over and you should get a new one.

For the desktop pc, you should remove the casing and check on the motherboard if it is supplying any power by the use of a voltmeter. If it does not supply any power, it would have crushed or some of the plugging’s inside might be lose. You should try to tighten them up. If this problem persists more than that, you should seek a computer technician.

In case the computer does nothing at all after powering, this can be because the power supply being bad. You should disconnect everything from the power supply with an exception of the motherboard. You should try to switch the computer back on and there should be some activity showing on the screen. This activity should be display of the computer logo and some system error showing Disk not found. At this point, I would recommend that you change the disks i.e. the processors for they could be the problem for completion of power supply to take place. If it powers on properly, you can close the casing now but only after you switch the power off.

If the computer powers up and does not boot, this could mean that some of the components have been damaged. This is mostly done by some malicious viruses. This will call for some reinstallation of your windows and doing a full format. This will lead to loss of any saved documents and files in the hard disks and that’s why I usually recommend that you always have a place where you back up your files. If your desktop shows this problem, it is important that you change the position of the pc card to another slot before planning on formatting.

Computer hanging and freezing whenever performing some tasks – This can is a problem due to the computer’s memory running low or due to some installed programs. If it shows this kind of behavior, you should simply uninstall any recently installed programs or you can uninstall any programs that you do not frequently use.

This freezing can also be because of installing more than one antivirus. This is usually not recommended and I would advise you to uninstall one of them.

Constant crushing of your computer – this is a problem that is caused by overworking your computer or by letting the computer run for long hours. If a problem like this frequently occurs, you should scan your computer and if it doesn’t change you should carry out a system repair using your original windows disk. Take note that when restarting the computer with the windows disk inside, you should click on repair or ‘R’ for the repairs to start whereby there will be no loss of data.